Happy “Clover Day”

I’ve been talking about puppies a lot, lately. Not that we’re ready to get one, but the idea of picking one out together as a family in the future has brought the topic to the table a few times. The kids have enjoyed talking about puppies, and what breed they might like to have.

The other night, as I snuggled in bed with Cameron, we were enjoying our regular night-time banter. (Bed time always brings out the best conversations!) As my little buddy’s ever-churning mind slowed down for sleep, he blurted out “Mommy, can we get a puppy after Clover Day? A Dalmatian? Can I name him?”

So many things about that made me giggle! It reminded me that to kids, once you put an idea into words , it becomes a contract. While to me, a the idea of a new puppy is a hazy dream for the future, to him, it’s important enough to be the last thing he thinks of before he goes to sleep. 

And then… “Clover Day”! It took me a few moments to figure out that he was referring to St. Patrick’s Day. You see, he just turned six. He’s learning to read, and part of that process for him is using pictures for context. This week, all of the seven-day weather forecasts have included a shamrock, or clover, for March 17th. And so, in our home,  because of the sheer innocence of Cameron’s sweet mind, good old St. Patrick’s day has become known as “Clover Day”.

Kid-isms are one of my favorite parts of being a parent! They are a sweet and simple reminder of a child’s mind. To those of us who have mastered the better part of the English language, as part of everyday conversation, we label items, or in this case holidays, without even giving them a second thought. Perhaps you have to be a parent to truly appreciate these little moments, but these kid-isms remind us that even at six, a child’s brain works so differently. There’s something sweet and refreshing about the way they innocently re-name or mispronounce words and phrases that are commonplace to adults. Perhaps I’m soft of heart, but I cherish these priceless little quirks, because they bring me back to the level of the child’s mind, and allow me to see everyday things the way I think I must have many years ago!

Over the years, a few of my favorites have been “baby soup” instead of “bathing suit” (all of our children used this one!), “popsickocle” instead of “popsicle”,  “Minnie house” instead of “Minnie Mouse”,  “Dizzy World” instead of “Disney World” , “Grail” instead of “Girl” and “Cup-up-older” instead of “cup holder”. Kaydence also had a very cute way of saying “ornament” that I cannot photenitcally describe, but will never forget and will always hold dear in my heart.

I know that Cam’s little kid-isms are growing fewer and farther between as he grows. Perhaps this is why I still can’t bring myself to correct him when he occasionally says things like “Look at him’s shoes!” Secretly, they make me smile. They remind me that even though he’s getting bigger by the minute, in the grand picture of life, he’s still a baby, my baby, and something about that just warms my heart.

I know this is probably the one and only year he’ll sincerely believe that today was “Clover Day”, but the name will live on with our family, because with it will always be the memory of Cameron’s sweet innocence at age six.

So, from my little buddy to all of you, I hope this was your happiest Clover Day so far!



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