4 thoughts on “Birthday wishes!

  1. Greetings,

    I have finally decided to post a comment after stumbling upon your blog last night and reading about half of the past entries this morning. My daughter is 6 years old as of April 2017 and has yet to be formally diagnosed with autism despite she has been in full day school since she was 3 because of her needs for speech therapy. Moreover, she has had 2 eye surgeries for strabismus, and just began receiving occupational therapy this year with Kindergarten. Meltdowns are a weekly struggle and judgments about our redirection and delicate/firm of her during a meltdown that at times involves hitting and screaming are constant. While my husband and I are still seeking a formal diagnosis we have been blessed with the services we have advocated for because over the past 3 years her communication skills and ability to interact have improved tremendously. She is even reading and writing well with the help of occupational therapy. Like you, I have begun a quest of research in any and all things autism and the lack of resources about autistic girls makes for a daunting journey. So, thank you for your candor, and I hope you know what an inspiration your words bring to parents like me who are struggling to accept/understand our children with special needs without judgment while facing a society that often judges.


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